about me

          My name is Michael Allen, I have owned this shop since April 2000. Before that I worked for H Samuel for 12 years, ending up as manager at Wimbledon. One day I went to work and there was about eight watches in a row for me to do, that no-one else in the shop could do. We had just had our first child, and I realized I should do this job for myself. Later that week , I came across an empty shop at Vauxhall . M Allen Watch Repairs was born.       

    I am married with 4 daughters.

             I believe in good, personal and honest customer service, although every couple of months I treat myself to a Basil Fawlty moment.

The Griffon

           This Griffon was commissioned by my father when he worked for the C.E.G.B. (Central Electricity Generating Board , now called Powergen) It was the symbol of the C.E.G.B. It was also them emblem for Falkes de Breute, the man Vauxhall is named after. This is why Vauxhall cars have it as a badge. Falke de Brreute took the name Falkes as this is an old scythe, and this is what he used to kill his first man.

            The Griffon was chosen by the C.E.G.B because it has the vision of an eagle and the heart of a lion, my father always said it was the perfect choice as it has the brain of a bird and is shown panicking as it tries to claw it's way out of the shit.

            I now have it on my wall at work, just like my dad did.